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At Belcor, we understand when working in the Hospitality Industry - time is money. Delayed schedules and down time on a construction project can mean lost revenue for your hotel. Accelerated schedules, double shifts, early morning and over-night hours are often required to meet the demand of a completion date and to ensure the least amount of interruption to the construction process or inconvenience to your guests and staff. We know that working in the Hotel & Hospitality Industry requires continuous guest satisfaction. Particular attention is given to site safety and noise control. A clean and neat appearance along with a professional attitude is instilled in all of our construction teams. By engaging these requirements, Belcor has successfully developed the hospitality construction process into an exact science.

Boutique and larger hotels must constantly be renewing their technological and aesthetic requirements. Our extensive experience has made us specialists in the Hotel & Hospitality construction and renovation industry. From simple maintenance and damage repairs to larger renovations and full re-do projects, Belcor delivers a significant value to our clients where others cannot.

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