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Belcor is Ready To Build from the Get Go!

When it comes to large square foot buildings, many companies today are choosing pre-engineered buildings over conventional construction. The new era of pre-engineered buildings are extremely versatile, economical, and come with many options previously unavailable. Sometimes a hybrid blend of pre-engineered and conventional building construction works best for a client. The bonuses of implementing pre-engineering into a construction project are reduced costs and decreased project time of up to 40%.

The pre-engineered process requires a smart approach that Belcor will provide to you. Our 35 years of industry experience saves our clients time, money, and aggravation without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. We always evaluate our clients’ specific requirements, so that we can deliver exactly what they need. Whether your project concerns are corporate image, overall schedule, or simply overall costs, Belcor sets our client’s needs as priority #1.

Belcor provides years of trade knowledge along with a full team of experienced professionals to ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget. From design phase to grand opening, Belcor will walk you through the entire process with clarity and assurance.